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In a few clicks, convert your PDF to Word online for free*. You can also change your PDF to a .RTF or .TXT file in addition to the .docx type.

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How to convert PDF to Word for free?

1 Pick your PDF

Look through your file directory to select the .pdf file you want to convert. The PDF to Word Converter can upload documents from your computer.

2 Upload your choice

A convenient drag and drop lets you take your chosen .pdf file directly into the interface. Or you can select and upload the .pdf doc from the directory instead.

3 Use your new .docx

Your .pdf will become a .docx, after you submit the file. You can download your new .docx from the online browser or get a secure link (active for 24 hours) emailed to you. You and recipients that you may share the Word file with can freely edit the contents.

Why using our PDF to Word Converter

No installation needed

The online converter does not ask you to install the software. You get to have your PDF converted in seconds, without commitments.

Safe and secure

The documents you use with the PDF to Word Converter, and any of the PDF tools here, can only be seen by you. Your privacy is maintained when you use the programs in the PDF suite. The docs that you share are removed from the private servers after 24 hours of secure storage.

Keep your layout

PDF to Word Converter will maintain the exact layout from the PDF to Word document. The Converter lets you transform your PDF into multiple file types. .RTF and .TXT are popular file formats for all devices to read.

A set of tools free of charge*

PDFs are notorious for being difficult to edit. You can either convert the PDF to an editable type or use the PDF Editor to edit the structure. The PDF Editor can bypass the editing restrictions that PDFs are known for. You can try the remaining PDF solutions for free like the Word to PDF Converter or PDF Reader. Download PDF to Word

* Free tool(s) within set limits