PDF Reader

Try our free PDF Reader to read and even compare two PDFs side by side. With that free online tool*, you won’t need to use extra space on your device.

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Your files are secure

Your files are only stored on our servers for 24 hours, after which they are permanently destroyed.

How to look at your PDFs for free?

1 Choose your PDF

Since the PDF Reader is secure, you can safely open your PDF documents in the tool. First browse your Mac or PC file directory to find the doc you want to look at.

2 Upload your file

Transfer your PDF doc from the directory to the tool. You can drag and drop your selected file into the web page.

3 Interact with your doc

The PDF Reader will automatically launch your PDF. A compare feature will let you set separate docs side by side to compare. You can print and share your PDFs. Your PDFs become virtual books that you can rotate and zoom into and out of.


Did you know?

A set of tools free of charge

* Free tools that come with limitations