Merge PDF Files

In a few clicks, you can merge multiple PDFs into one file, which will make sharing and saving them a lot easier. The service is free with some limitations on the size of documents.

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How to Merge PDFs for free?

1 Choose the files

Select the files you want to merge from your computer and paste them. You can also use the batch import function to bring in several files at once.

2 Check the Order

If you are not satisfied with the order in which the files are placed, you can rearrange the PDFs and place them in any order you like. The choice is yours.

3 Send Your New PDF File

Since you are working online, you can send the file to your email or download it to your computer, so that you can look at it whenever you like.


Why Use This PDF Tool?

You Can Edit Your Merged PDF File

Your merged document is not untouchable. You can edit it and change it in any way you choose. If you want to remove parts of a PDF quickly and easily, you can split the file. You can use it to create, edit, annotate or convert a PDF file. It’s your best option for a comprehensive PDF tool. Download PDF merger

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