Compress PDF Files

Reduce PDF file size to take up less space when saving and make it easier to send. And for free!*

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How to compress a PDF file

1 Decide which File to Compress

Select and drag and drop the PDF you want to make smaller from your computer. Once you’ve done this, you can choose a basic or strong compression preset. And best of all, it’s free.

2 Reduce Your PDF’s Size

Once you’ve uploaded the file to our facility, it will reduce the size automatically and keep an appropriate compression ratio geared to the internet. But you don’t have to stop there. You can still reduce PDF file size for emails or the web.

3 Check And Download 

If you want to make sure your compressed file is perfect, you can download it to your computer and check it. You will be able to view it on your browser and make sure it’s exactly the size you want it to be.


Did you know?

PDF Compress: Reduce PDF File Size

Reducing the size of PDF files is called compression. Shrinking a data file is called data compression. Compress PDF is called source coding, meaning that encoding happens at the data’s source before it’s stored or sent.

Learn More About Compressing PDF Files

Reduce Bits

When you compress a PDF file, the information in the file requires fewer bits than the original file does.

No information is lost

No information is lost when you compress a file. What happens is that you reduce the number of bits because redundancies are removed from the file.

Advanced options

You can compress PDF files to send by email. Or you can compress files online. In all cases, the quality of the document will not be affected.

There’s More to PDFs Than Just Document Files

Other free tools also make working with PDFs easier and more productive. For instance, a PDF Reader has navigation and reading abilities. It can rotate, zoom, search and fit a document to page, to name a few. A PDF Editor allows the user to get into PDF files, convert them to different formats and change their content. A Word to PDF Converter changes word files to PDFs easily and quickly online, while a PDF to Word Converter  does the opposite. Download PDF compressor

*Free tools that come with limitations